S.J. Hill

Russ Hewett


Brad Jersak


2011 Enjoying God Podcast

Along with my friends Brad and Russ, I want to invite you to take a journey with us into God's heart. We'll be discussing relevant topics and asking tough questions related to the Christian life. I believe you will never be the same. It's the journey for which we were created--enjoying God!

S.J. Hill

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"We focus on the darkness around us, rather than rising and shining with the glory that has risen upon us...We expect wars and rumors of wars, forgetting that we are ambassadors of the Prince of Peace."

"We live in fear of an evil, one-world government, forgetting that God placed the government upon His shoulders. We say that Jesus utterly defeated the devil on the cross, and received all power & all authority from His Father, yet we live our lives as if the devil is in control."

Paul told the church at Rome that, "The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under your feet." S.J., Brad & Russ discuss this verse from an escatalogical perspective. What method will the God of Peace use to "crush" Satan? How will this play out in the world?

S.J., Brad & Russ complete their discussion and critique of the prevailing last-days escatology. Lots of twists & turns!

The guys discuss a conversion in our understanding of conversion that is taking place in the evangelical church. Some very hopefull signs are taking place toward a more complete view of Christian conversion.

There's lots of talk about revival today. In this episode, the guys speak fondly of revivals they have been involved with, but also reexamine some of the ways we think about revival and conclude that we might be in need of some updating!

The guys discus a topic that received a lot of attention at the recent "Wild Goose Festival" in North Carolina. Brad attended and begins our conversation about coming back to faith after a period of disillusionment. S.J., Russ and Brad all share their own stories.

Discipleship...what is it and how is it supposed to work? We don't have all the answers, but we enjoyed discussing the subject and bouncing ideas off each other. We hope you enjoy it too!

S.J., Brad and Russ continue their conversation about discipleship, and specifically how father figures (or the lack of them) have impacted their lives. All three have had different experiences, which makes for a great conversation!

So, how do you go about finding or being a mentor? The guys have some thoughts, some experiences and some advice of what to look for, and what not to look for in a Christian father figure.

The U.S. just went through another presidential election cycle. The post-election reaction of many believers has been swift and even apocalyptic! The guys express some concerns they have, not so much with the election results, as with the post-election commentary.

"What fruit of the Spirit are you willing to sacrifice for politics?" This question, posed by Brian Zahnd caps off this podcast's discussion about the intersection of the kingdom of God and the political kingdoms of the world.

Isaiah expressed God's dream for this world in an amazingly beautiful way. Lions laying down with lambs, swords turned into pruning hooks, streams in the desert... How many of these images does God intend for us? In this episode, we play and comment on a recent message by Brad Jersak given at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. A message that, if you are willing will kindle hope in your heart.

We use lots of Christian cliches to explain what happened at the Cross. These cliches often have no meaning to unbelievers. In this podcast, we brainstorm some ways that might be more effective at presenting the Cross to unchurched people.

In this episode, S.J.,Brad & Russ talk about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and how we actually can experience the resurrected Christ. They also offer some thoughts about our life after death, including some observations by Brad's son, and a humorous allusion to an old gospel song.

In this episode, S.J.,Brad & Russ discuss the imagery of fire in the Bible. Is the fire of God something to fear or to embrace? Check it out!

It seems like everybody is talking about grace these days! S.J. is just back from a conference on grace and we start the discussion with a novel idea- being gracious with one another when we're talking about grace!

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In part 2, we discuss grace from a relational angle, including how confession works in the new covenant. We finish up with this quote by Robert Farrar Capon: “Grace is the celebration of life, relentlessly hounding all the non-celebrants in the world. It is a floating, cosmic bash shouting its way through the streets of the universe, flinging the sweetness of its cassations to every window, pounding at every door in a hilarity beyond all liking and happening, until the prodigals come out at last and dance, and the elder brothers finally take their fingers out of their ears.”

In part 3 we talk about a different approach than the age old willful God of Calvin or the willful response of Arminius. We propose taking the discussion about God out of the courtroom. Brad shares two recent responses of people to a presentation of the beautiful gospel-a presentation totally void of fear. "We're not being wishy-washy when we move away from fear. Love is the only thing that has the power to change us."

In part 4 of this series, Russ, Brad, and S. J. talk about the hope of being Father's delight even in our immaturity and weakness. They each recount their own process of discovering God's delight in them. They also share some insights from the lives of King David, Peter, and Thomas that speak of Father's willingness to restore us even in our brokenness.

In part 5 of this series, Russ, Brad, and S. J. talk about the relational nature of grace.

Does your view of the future cause you to throw up your hands and say, what's the use! It's just going to get worse! Brad Jersak says, "I think we've used eschatology as a delay tactic for obeying the gospel".

In part 6 of this series, Russ, Brad, and S. J. discuss practical ways to experience God's love and grace. They also talk about a major misconception concerning God that has kept many individuals from being able to open their hearts to receive all that Jesus has accomplished for them on the cross.