S.J. Hill

Russ Hewett


Brad Jersak


2011 Enjoying God Podcast

Along with my friends Brad and Russ, I want to invite you to take a journey with us into God's heart. We'll be discussing relevant topics and asking tough questions related to the Christian life. I believe you will never be the same. It's the journey for which we were created--enjoying God!

S.J. Hill

Is it possible to enjoy God? If you believe in God, chances are that you might not think of Him as someone who can be enjoyed. Join SJ, Brad & Russ in a fascinating conversation about what God is really like.

SJ, Brad & Russ discuss the God who loves. "When you fail, how you treat yourself will indicate something of how you think about God." Brad Jersak How Jesus restored Peter after Peter denied him reveals the nature of Jesus.

The concept that God could actually be enjoyed, and that He can enjoy us is a radical idea. The guys discuss this, what "the fear of the Lord" really means, and even a bit on American Idol!

S.J., Brad & Russ discuss experiencing God, and the idea some have that manifestations are a necessary sign or evidence of an experience with God.

With the current rash of natural disasters, some are quick to attribute these to God, believing that they are God's way of punishing people for disobedience. In this episode, the guys dispute this view of God using scripture and some common sense.

S.J., Brad & Russ discuss questions like, "Does God still judge the world for disobedience?" and, "What about all the failed prophecies of Jesus' 2nd coming? and, "If your faith is based on fear, what are you left with when perfect love drives fear out?"

The guys discuss the nature of God's justice. "You can tell when a society or a theology has become sick when justice and mercy are treated as opposites." Brad Jersak

Should we see our relationship and encounter time with God in the courtroom or in the family room? The guys discuss the fatherhood of God, and what it means to a world full of spiritual orphans.

S.J., Brad & Russ discuss what it means to them to be sons and daughters of God. Beyond the theology, beyond the positional sense, what does it mean in real life to be a son or daughter of God? Also, how can we be fathers to others?

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A devistating earthquake hit Lisbon, Portugal in the 1700's which energized a discussion among theologians and philosophers about how God could allow such a disaster, especially since many Christians died while worshipping God that day. How are we to process and understand events like this?

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S.J., Brad & Russ share personal testimonies of how God brought them joy, even out of very difficult circumstances. They discuss the difference between a kind of "pseudo-joy" like that displayed at the triumphal entry, and genuine joy in the face of difficult situations.

The guys begin a discussion of eschatology, the study of "end times" or "last days" events, challenging the "Left Behind"/"Late Great Planet Earth" view that expects things to get worse and worse until Jesus returns. Things are looking up!

What do Martin Luther King Jr., eschatology and southern gospel music have in common? Brad, S.J. and Russ discuss this and talk about some amazing quotes by Spurgeon, Edwards, Origin and others.